Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Devil's Cavaliers

The Devil's Cavaliers

Trouble arises in the French Kingdom when a malicious duke stirs up trouble. It's up to a small cadre of soldiers to set things right.

Dashing cavalier Richard Stiller (Frank Latimore) and his possee of token chums return to his childhood home after fighting in the wars against Spain. His prime motivation is seeking out Louise (Emma Danieli), his childhood sweetheart and true love. Unfortunately he finds the court of Valency embroiled in a state of intrigue. The heretic Duke of Varse (Andrea Aureli) and his devious accomplice Elaine (Gianna Maria Canale) have wiled their way into power, and secretly covet the Dukedom. This is currently under the governance of Louise's brother, Henry (Anthony Steffen), who happens to have a residual hatred of Richard (caused primarily by over-protectiveness).

This film is in the Public Domain


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