Friday, November 27, 2009


01 Your Love.mp3
02 Sama-sama.mp3
03 Batibot.mp3
04 China Eye's.mp3
05 I Wasn't Brave Enough.mp3
06 Sa Iyo.mp3
07 Reasons.mp3
08 Hesus.mp3
09 May Pag-asa Pa.mp3
10 Pagdating.mp3
11 Tulay Sa Puso Mo.mp3
12 Still Believe In Love.mp3
13 Kundi'man.mp3
14 Urd Girl.mp3
15 Sixteen.mp3
16 Merry X'mas.mp3


PARI Anti-Piracy said...

You are infringing on copyrights owned by members of the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) by illegally distributing OPM songs through giving out of illegal download links in your website. This file is made available to your users without permission is a violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

This letter is to notify you of the aforementioned infringement and to formally demand your company to refrain from illegally distributing the said file. We request that you cease any further illegal distribution of infringing material through your website upon receiving this notice. PARI shall not commence any action against you should you act with deliberate speed to act on the matter.

PARI Anti-Piracy Committee

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