Monday, December 28, 2009

Aegis - back to love (2009)


1. Light On
2. Listen
3. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
4. Help
5. One Moment In Time
6. When I Need You
7. You Raise Me Up
8. Alone
9. Run To You
10. Tears In The Rain
11. What About Love
12. Tell Him
13. Without You
14. Forever Young

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01. Basang Basa Sa Ulan.mp3
02. Halik.mp3
03. Maniwala Ka.mp3
04. Sinta.mp3
05. Luha.mp3
06. Bakit.mp3
07. Mahal Na Mahal Kita.mp3
08. Munting Pangarap.mp3
09. Bakit Nawala.mp3
10. Awit Ng Pag Ibig.mp3



Usahay - Aegis.mp3
Tao - Aegis.mp3
Tagalog medley - Aegis.mp3
Sundot - Aegis.mp3
Sinta - Aegis.MP3
Sino Ako - Aegis.mp3
Sa'yo Lamang - Aegis.mp3
Sayang Na Sayang - Aegis.mp3
Sanay Kapiling Ka Ngayong Pasko, - Aegis.mp3
Sanay Kapiling Ka Ngayong Pasko - Aegis.mp3
Pinoy Rock Pop - Medley Non-Stop - Aegis & Jessa.mp3
Palad - Aegis.mp3
Munting Pangarap - Aegis.mp3
Muling Nagbalik - Aegis.mp3
Miss Na Miss Kita - Aegis.mp3
Minahal Kita - Aegis.mp3
Mary Jane - Aegis.mp3
Maniwala Ka - Aegis.mp3
Mahal Na Mahal Kita - Aegis.mp3
Luha - Aegis.mp3
Ikay Mahal Pa Rin - Aegis.mp3
I Love You Na Lang Sa Tago - Aegis.mp3
I Love Na Lang Sa Tago - Aegis.mp3
How Do I Live (Tagalog) - Aegis.mp3
Hesus - Aegis.mp3
Halik - Aegis.mp3
Hahanapin Ko - Aegis.mp3
Dukha - Aegis.mp3
Christmas Bonus - Aegis.mp3
Basang basa sa ulan - Aegis.mp3
Bakit - Aegis.mp3
Awit at Pag-Ibig - Aegis.mp3
Aegis & Jessa Medley Non-Stop.mp3
Aegis - Tagalog medley.mp3
Aegis - Natatawa Ako.mp3
Aegis - Usok.mp3


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