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erectus erectus

look for the album TONE DEF on VOL 1
erectus TRAFFIC NA NAMAN was there

Philippine rap-metal band Erectus released their self-titled album in 1994. The band's rap-metal approach came at a time when that style of music was purveyed by only a few bands, including Rage Against the Machine. Erectus consists of a guitarist, drummer, and vocalist. The bassist here is a session player.

"Reign of the Dogs" starts with a gritty drum kick and dreamy, languid chords. The guitar gets more intense, paving the way for the vocalist's raw-edged, passionate rapping. The guitar solos on "Reign of the Dog" and other songs are inspired, and the guitarist, Eric Villadelgado, often attacks the guitar with fierce abandon. "Traffic Na Naman" (It's Traffic Again) is a blistering offering, the guitar hard-edged and raw, while vocalist George Aquilizan rants about the miserable traffic situation in Manila.

"Nakagapos" (Tied Up) has a touch of campiness about it, as the song opens on a near-vaudevillian note, the vocalist rapping in an exaggerated manner. The song then gets serious and intense before reverting to the campiness. The guitar solos on this song, as usual, are blistering. "Balat-ahas" (Covered Snake) opens on a tender bassline, which gives way to strong guitar chord punctuations, and the vocalist enters with extremely fast, cogent rapping.

Erectus is a good album and quite prescient, considering how popular rap-metal became in the late '90s and the beginning of the 2000 decade. ~ David Gonzales, All Music Guide

Album Info:

Artist: Erectus
Album : Erectus
YEAR 1994
Track Listing:

1. Reign Of The Dogs
2. Traffic Na Naman
3. Nakagapos
4. Hari Ng Plastikan
5. Salamin 2x
6. Balat-Ahas
7. Acido
8. Kaututang-Dila
9. Jam (Short Time)
10. Nobody



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