Sunday, January 24, 2010

mariyas mistress unang pag agos 1995


In 1995, Philippine rock band Mariya's Mistress released its debut album, Unang Pag-agos (trans: First Flow of the Water). The band consists of five members, including a female vocalist, guitarist, bass player, drummer and keyboard player. Though a bit uneven, the album is charming in many spots and strongly hints at much potential for the future. The singing of vocalist Carla Abaya isn't particularly overwhelming, but is gutsy and tuneful, and comes off a winner. Though the music is based on Western rock sources, the album has a distinct Filipino flavor. Some songs, such as "In Your Eyes" and "Panaginip" (trans: Dream), are rooted in the passionate, easy-listening style so popular in the Philippines, but presented here within a rock context. The arrangements of the songs are imaginative, and "Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Mundo" (trans: Up to the End of the World), for example, contains evocative keyboard lines as well as a churning bassline and eerie feedback. The song also contains a highly dramatic chorus handled with verve by vocalist Abaya. On "Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Mundo" and throughout the album, the searing, zesty lead guitar of Ronald Yumul provides exciting moments. "Ako Si Mariya" (trans: I Am Mariya) also has an imaginative arrangement, containing skittering keyboards which seem to approximate an Asian ambience. "Abutin Mo" (trans: Reach It) aims at grand drama, beginning plaintively on voice and keyboards, slowly leading to forceful guitar, leading to a stimulating group instrumental. The album meanders a bit to be considered cohesive, but is a worthwhile effort, nonetheless.

Mariya’s Mistress is an off-shoot of Mariya. After appearing in a compilation album called “Himig Natin”, Mariya’s Mistress was quickly signed up for a record deal. Releasing their first album called “Unang Pag-Agos”, The band gained much respect from the musical community as well as garnering a lot of fans who faithfully watched all their concerts. In 1995 the band was given a good album review in the much respected music industry magazine in the USA, Billboard. Massive airplay was given to the bands singles “’Di Maglalaho” and ‘In Your Eyes” and a nationwide campus tour took off. After several years of rockin’ the scene, right before the submission of their demo songs for the second album, disagreements abound and eventually a break-up was inevitable. Mariya’s Mistress remains to be one of the most progressive rock bands in the Philippines today.

1. Palabas
2. 'Di Maglalaho
3. In Your Eyes
4. Hanggang sa Dulo ng Mundo
5. Abutin Mo
6. Agos
7. Panaginip
8. Ako si Mariya
9. Hangarin Ko, Gisingin Mo Ako
10. If Ever the World Turned to Stone



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