Saturday, April 24, 2010

THE DAWN The Later Half of Day

One of the Philippines’ premiere rock legends springs back and is all set to sweep the nation with their compelling melodies and striking rhythms. Only this time, it is with a more laid-back, subdued, but nevertheless still powerful flair which will transport the senses into a state of sheer satisfaction.

After producing more than ten hit albums under its belt, THE DAWN rightly deserves the title of being one of the most influential and longest-running Filipino rock bands to cross centuries. Spawning undying anthems such as ENVELOPED IDEAS, SALAMAT, and TULAD NG DATI, the band is more than ecstatic to continue making its mark not only in music history, but in the entertainment industry as a whole.

It is no secret that a powerful potion for the band’s longevity is its love for making unprecedented moves. Challenging their limits and wading into uncharted waters, THE DAWN became the first Filipino band to star in a semi-biographical movie called TULAD NG DATI. Their bold move indisputably paid off as the film earned numerous recognitions namely Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Editing in the 2006 Cinemalaya Awards. It also garnered accolades and praises from critics in Indie Film Festivals abroad.

Traversing with their pursuit of reinvention, THE DAWN collaborated with CCP Tanghalang Pilipino in early 2008 to produce a critically-acclaimed musical called EJ: Ang Pinagdaanang Buhay Nina Evelio Javier at Edgar Jopson, which was starred by no less than the rock legend himself, Jett Pangan.

THE DAWN continued to experiment with different styles by taking on some musical brakes and exploring a jazzier terrain which brought a distinctive style to their repertoire. Their musical detour, or ‘stopover’ as theband prefers to think of it, surprised audiences who were used to hearing the band in a louder setting. The gentler, sweeter, and even romantic vibe was felt as The Dawn took on a handful of critically acclaimed jazz-flavoured gigs around the Metro.

THE DAWN explores the gentler and lighter rays of its musical prism, turns down the decibel levels, and dims the lights to a relaxed glow as they bring their latest offering “The Later Half of Day” under MCAMusic . Best described as eclectic, this album captures and documents the diversity of The Dawn’s musical artistry. Well-loved originals like ENVELOPED IDEAS and LOVE WILL SET US FREE are given light and playful grooves, and 80’s anthems like MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE and I MELT WITH YOU are presented in a jazzier style.

So for those in the mood to loosen up and chill out, there is no greater way to experience lounging than by listening to the THE DAWN’S newest album,

The Later Half of Day.”


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