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GIANT is an American hard rock band that was formed in 1987 by Dann Huff and Alan Pasqua. The band only scored one major hit, the 1990 power ballad "I'll See You In My Dreams," written by Pasqua and Mark Spiro. Giant disbanded in the early 90s after recording two albums, but resurfaced in 2000 and released the album III in late 2001.

Giant - Last Of The Runaways (1989)

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01 I'm A Believer
02 Innocent Days
03 I Can't Get Close Enough
04 I'll See You in My Dreams
05 No Way Out
06 Shake Me Up
07 It Takes Two
08 Stranger To Me
09 Hold Back the Night
10 Love Welcome Home
11 The Big Pitch

* * * * *
Giant - Time To Burn (1992)
On this follow-up Album, the band was joined in the writing process on two songs by Jim Vallance and on four by Van Stephenson, the latter of whom also guested on background vocals in the studio. Huff had previously done guitar work on Stephenson's solo albums. It was produced by Terry Thomas, a former member of the band Charlie who had previously produced albums for such rock notables as Bad Company and Foreigner.

Although well-reviewed, Time to Burn was among the last of its commercial AOR/melodic hard rock genre to be released by a major label—and not the label of their previous album—as record companies and media outlets stopped promoting '80s artists in favor of newer grunge music styles. The album's most successful single was "Chained", which peaked at #16 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, although second single "Stay" received some airplay as well.

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01 Thunder and Lightning 4:23
02 Chained 7:19
03 Lay it on the Line 5:22
04 Stay 4:46
05 Lost in Paradise 5:31
06 Smoulder 0:29
07 Time to Burn 4:49
08 I'll be There (When It's Over) 4:29
09 Save Me Tonight 6:00
10 Without You 4:26
11 Now Until Forever 5:44
12 Get Used to It 4:50

* * * * *

Giant - III (2001)
-Dann Huff (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
-David Lyndon Huff (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
-Mike Brignardello (bass, backing vocals)

Nine years after their last album "Time To Burn" they are back: GIANT. Suitingly titled "III" the anxiety has been big, if the gentlemen Huff (2x) and Brignardello managed to continue where the two classics of Melodic Rock, "Last Of The Runaways" and "Time To Burn" had left off or if they failed.

Well, the intro "Combustion" stirs memories of these two albums and the following "You Will Be Mine", too, is Melodic Rock of the finest quality and could just as well have stood on the classics of the early Nineties, good song-structure, thought-through, with nicely crunchy guitars and the usual brilliant vocals of Dann Huff, if they can keep that up...

Well, they can, at least partly. Even though not all songs can keep this very high level, the trio once more impressively proves that they still are masters of the ballads with "Don't Leave Me In Love", while "Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)" is a little on the up-tempo-side.
All in all the songs of "III" cannot reach the first two masterpieces, but still are high above the majority of similar releases, and that you could have expected top quality both in musicianship and vocals was clear from the very beginning.

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01 Combustion
02 You Will Be Mine
03 Over You
04 Don't Leave Me In Love
05 Love Can't Help You Now
06 The Sky Is The Limit
07 Its Not The End Of The World
08 Oh Yeah
09 Can't Let Go
10 Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

* * * * *


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